About Us

Team Roster


Paul Blackford: Founder/CEO/Producer/3D Artist/3D Animation
I have a passion for video games and also being able to bring something more of value to the entertainment industry. This is why I want to create fun and interactive experiences to not only contribute to our gaming community but also as sustenance for young minds and a newer generation that has easier/earlier access to more modern interactive mediums and technologies.
Fun Facts:
– I have a twin brother and I’m NOT the evil one!
– I have a thing for bright colors and silhouettes.
– I love survival horror and FPS games!
– I hate wearing suits.


Jason Blackford: Co-Founder/Project Manager/AI Programmer
I’m a computer engineer with a passion for game development.  Game design is an exciting story telling method to create fun and engaging stories that can be experienced and not just read. I look to literature to inspire my game designs.
Fun Facts:
– Paul and I are twin brothers (he’s the artist, I’m the programmer).
– Scrum Master and I have a M.S. in Artificial Intelligence.
– I have four awesome kids!
– It’s true, Robert does eat family sized meals and doesn’t share


Robert Louden: Co-Founder/Programmer/Game Designer/UI/UX Developer
I’m a computer scientist with a passion for creating and designing fun and innovative video games. I’ve had experience developing for virtual e-learning and training programs through my years of work in a simulation lab creating software for PC & mobile devices.
Fun Facts:
– I’m part Spanish and Asian (and there’s some Irish in there as well).
– My love for steak would never allow me to be a vegetarian.
– I’m knowledgeable in various languages (C, C++, C#,Java, Objective-C, and Spanish), team management, UI design, and Ghostbusters quotes.
– I have been known to order the family-sized meal for myself.


Tito Aponte-De Leon: Co-Founder/Game & UI/UX Designer/Digital Media Specialist/3D & Technical Artist
I’m a strong designer and  my artistic abilities have always paved the way in sharing my ideas but, I’ve also been adept in being a conventional pipeline between artists and developers due to my knowledge of code. I feel the strongest asset that I bring to a team isn’t my technical skills or art but, my ability to work well and communicate with others.
Fun Facts:
– My favorite type of video games are RPGs because I love a good story full of exploratory environments.
– When it comes to digital media I’m a jack of all trades, but my specialty has become designing/developing interfaces.
– No joke, Rob IS super awesome with various programming languages!
– I have a weakness for donuts and sushi!