AIIDE 2014 Event

Fuzion Labs AIIDE 2014

– Article by: Tito Aponte-De Leon

North Carolina State University welcomed Fuzion Labs to the 10th annual AIIDE (Artificial Intelligence and Interactive Digital Entertainment) Conference for a chance to showcase our game projects and AI perspectives. Not only did we get more feedback on Math Invaders, but we also unveiled our latest narrative game project, compatible with the Oculus Rift, Rose Red.


Since there were two separate game titles that were on display I will go over how each individual one was seen and experienced by our audience.

* Math Invaders:

We were actually very excited to bring and unveil our newly redesigned version of Math Invaders since it’s debut at the Conjure convention. There were several changes brought about to our latest revised beta 2.0 version: easier to understand math problem type and level selection, elimination of the more complex number selecting system that many found to be too much engagement to focus on the game itself, and also improvement of visual effects. Our changes were greeted with people being able to enjoy the game because they could focus being immersed in the experience itself while being able to learn, rather than having to constantly look down at entering number values. It was better to keep the player engaged by tapping the enemies on screen rather than be forced to interact with the lower number interface of the previous version. To learn more detailed coverage of our development choices check out our DevBlog about MI-Beta Ver 2.0 Final Thoughts!





We gathered new feedback and suggestions as well for even further improvements. It was great to have alumni and professors test out this title as they were able to provide insight about how kids/students would be able to exploit some of the learning aspects of the game and get around them. We have noted the feedback and will look into finding ways we can make different learning and gameplay implementations to remedy these new discoveries.

* Rose Red Beta Visual Demo:

The Oculus Rift is here! AIIDE was finally the time to unveil our new narrative and highly immersive game that would tell the tale of Rose Red from the Brothers Grimm universe. Many gathered around to get the chance to be bonafide “Rifters”. It seems people have heard far and wide of the Oculus Rift, but for many it also remained a mystery. On-lookers were eager to try out the technology and get a chance at the lush and beautiful scenery provided inside of our visual demo. There was so much positive feedback and curiosity on this title. After Rifting, there were the overwhelming questions of “Can I have more of this experience?!”, “When is this looking to be finished! I would totally buy this!”, and “I want to play this game NOW!”
Not only were we able to showcase breath taking visuals in the world of Rose Red, but we were also able to demonstrate some of the AI components of the characters and event triggers within the world. Players were introduced to a singing magical frog who ultimately ends up being the guide for your adventure. They were able to interact with him firsthand and allow him the option of following you within the area’s entrance. Wander too close to the door however, and you’d be greeted with a not so friendly creature of the lonely forest night. Keep in mind this being a conference heavily focused on AI, we were glad to see reactions and hear feedback on how the players were able to experience interaction between the in-game characters and creatures.

The magical singing frog and entrance area of the Dwarf’s Dwelling!

We couldn’t be happier with the amount of excitement about our latest project. The plan for the title is to be released in episodes piece by piece based on public reception and popular demand. So the more interest our audience has on the world of Rose Red, the more we will be eager to bring more and more of it. We actually have more information and screenshots about the Rose Red Beta Visual Demo within our site that we made available to the AIIDE public during the course of the conference. If you would like to get an idea and see the lush beautiful world of the starting area of Rose Red be sure check out more about it on the Rose Red Beta Visual Demo page!


Future Prospects:

The future and interest looks very bright for both game titles. Math Invaders is in it’s final development stretch and is looking to have a late October release (Android/iOS) to bring alien math defending antics just in time for the Halloween season. We are also very excited and even more motivated now to continue working on the world of Rose Red with the unbelievable amounts of positive reception and enticed allure from audiences. Things are only going to get continually more interesting from here on out with Fuzion Labs!

AIIDE 2014 Photo Slideshow

Enjoy what Fuzion Labs had to offer with the pictures we have to share with you from NCSU at our AIIDE 2014 booth!

  • NCSU welcomes Fuzion Labs!
    NCSU welcomes Fuzion Labs!
  • AIIDE Registration Entrance
    AIIDE Registration Entrance
  • AIIDE Fuzion Labs Booth Area
    AIIDE Fuzion Labs Booth Area
  • Left to Right (Jason, Robert, Paul)
  • Ready to Rift?! We had many come to our booth to experience the Rose Red Beta Visual Demo! Once done, you were now a bonafide "Rifter"!
  • Making Rifters out of the entire family! OH YEAH!
  • Fuzion Labs Rifting with RTS (Real Time Strategy) AI game guru Dave Churchill!
  • Nothing like some fine buffet appetizers to snack on while enjoying conversation about various game design and coding systems!
  • Our relocated booth spot for the dining event! Jason gave his presentation and explanation to on-lookers about his lastest AI discoveries and theories!
  • Fuzion Labs Rifting with AI Guild co-founder, Game Developer magazine contributor, and author of Behavioral Mathematics for Game AI - Dave Mark!
  • Fuzion Labs - Make Learning an Experience! (Left to right: Jason, Robert, Paul, Tito)