Conjure 2014 Event

Fuzion Labs Conjure 2014

– Article by: Tito Aponte-De Leon


That’s right Conjure 2014 in Orlando, FL was our first company outing ever! We got the chance to showcase our beta prototype of Math Invaders LIVE with the sci-fi and gaming public at the Conjure convention event!


So I bet you’re all dying to know,… what did everyone think? How was the game received? Did we successfully meet the needs of our target audience (primarily 1st-5th graders)? What did we learn from our education and gaming public? Well, let’s go through a breakdown:

* The Bad:

We learned that the beta’s gameplay and interface was a bit too challenging for most people. However, the game is more built to be played on mobile devices so we took that into consideration. We took all the feedback given to us and are looking to implement an improved interface and gameplay mechanics. It will be a lot simpler in design allowing for the players to focus more on having fun while successfully learning in a better contained interactive construct. It seems people prefer to tap/click in rapid succession for a means of entertainment as it constantly keeps the player to be more focused and engaged on a single act.

* The Good:

Much to our delight there was a lot greater deal in positive views of the game title. Audiences loved that the game was very well “disguised” allowing for full enjoyment of an interactive commercial gaming experience while still providing a hidden learning aspect (hybrid gaming – mission accomplished)! The crowd (especially the kids) really enjoyed the characters, world, and very bright colors used that created a fun, engaging space defending atmosphere. We really appreciated seeing the excitement and enjoyment in people’s faces as they got to have a joyful experience with Math Invaders.

 Future Prospects:

The enormous amount of positive reception of Math Invaders from several target groups (students, parents, teachers, and gamers in general) showed us that there is definitely a market and demand for hybrid games that provide learning substances. It just seems that it needs to be delivered in a form that competes with what people are most use to experiencing, and that is commercial purely entertainment based games on the market. We feel that our research and creation of our hybrid gaming module was proven to be an overall success with the reactions we were able to witness at Conjure, is this is only the beginning for the continued evolution of hybrid gaming for Fuzion Labs.

Conjure 2014 Photo Slideshow

We wish we could of seen you all at the event but, in the case you weren’t able to make it we hope you will enjoy our image event gallery of Conjure 2014!

  • Our booth setup at Conjure 2014 Orlando, FL!